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Colbie Caillat is one of the few celebrities that never fails to impress me with her hairstyle. Just like her bubbly, soft, romantic and upbeat music her hair is always simple and fresh. If you ever watch her music videos you'll be caught on with her silky and luscious hair.
Above is her iconic outdoor concert hair - long soft layers with a flower on the side.
A couple years ago when she got bangs I wanted to trim my long fringe because it looks so gorgeous on her.
This is probably her signature hairstyle. The layers, volume and length is to die for!
When Taylor Swift first came out everyone was crazy about her curly locks but it was too voluminous for me. On the other hand, I adore the lively and healthy locks Colbie's had during her breakthrough album.
I love her songs! I just realize there isn't a community for Colbie Caillat! Why?
Colbie Caillat's signature hairstyle is the best. I always wanted my hair to be like that.
@mikayla I know right? Her music are always soothing! I wish people would appreciate it more.
I didn't realize she have a widow's peak. Either way her hair is always on point.