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Loyal beer and wine drinkers might like these Indonesian brewed spirits for a change!
Albens Cider is the first Cider (ever) to be born and distributed in Indonesia! Cider is a fermented beverage made with apples which first originated in England around 55BC. It has been a very popular pub drink in the UK throughout the ages and has recently regained popularity worldwide! Albens Cider boasts Albens Cider Original, Albens Mango Cider and Albens Strawberry Cider – all with a hint of sweet and sour flavour and 4.9% alcohol. Cider certainly fills the huge gap between beer to wine and cocktails! No wonder it is a very popular choice amongst women. This thirst-quenching alternative is available at over 1,000 outlets throughout Indonesia. Albens Cider is available at most restaurants, bars and clubs in Jakarta (including well-established supermarkets).
Another cider worth mentioning is Sunray Cider, a unique infusion of cold-filtered apple cider and green tea. The first edition of Sunray cider is mixed with Jasmine petals, which resulted in this fragrant and refreshing blend! Green tea was chosen because of its antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that serve as a natural cleanser while also easing the effects of alcohol. Sunray Cider can be located at most bars in Jakarta.
Dragonfly Moscato is next on our list. Recently launched in November 2014, this sweet and seductive wine made from imported grapes with 8% alcohol is proudly made in Indonesia. This wine has been tailored for maximum freshness and enjoyment. It is easy to drink, smooth, citrusy, clean and refreshing. With fruity aromas of pineapple, melon and dried peaches, which women would be able to resist it? Proudly distributed by Hatten Wines, Dragonfly Moscato is available at reputable establishments around Indonesia.
Most beer-drinking men would agree that there should always be a cold one to greet them at the end of a long hard-working day! Since the day it was born, Stark beer offers unique variety to the Pilsener-dominated market of Indonesia by offering varieties such as Wheat, Dark Wheat and Lager Low Carb beers. Wondering how it tastes? Each beer is different. Stark Wheat is a unique easy drinking beer with hints of orange, citrus and spice flavors with a slight tart finish while Stark Dark Wheat has malty sweetness and hints of chocolate and coffee flavour. Although it is the only beer brewed in Bali, it is available at selected bars and retail outlets all over Indonesia!
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Cider beer...interesting. I am not familiar.