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Ben & Courtney's Boho Chic Wedding
When Ben and Courtney tied the knot, they did so with over 2000 origami cranes floating above. The term Boho is sort of a catch-all to describe weddings that have an unpolished (not to be confused as amateurish), rustic vibe. It's not quite country and it's not provincial. It's an amalgamation of ideas that convey hearth and family. The emphasis is on family and love and not so much the grandiose of a lavish event.
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how many paper cranes? 2000? And exactly how long did that take?!
3 years ago·Reply
that sweet table! Love the paper crane idea.
3 years ago·Reply
You need a team of people helping you with the cranes. But you can also get them off sites like Etsy
3 years ago·Reply
I like the rustic quality of the space and the brick walls
3 years ago·Reply
the way the building materials are exposed gives it a rustic authenticity that just can't be matched in a ballroom. Good pictures of the wedding.
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