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Spring must have cast a spell over me because lately I am drawn to all the beautiful floral arrangements that are coming out of designers across the US. Last week I featured Kiana Underwood, who owns Tulipina Design out of San Francisco. You can see the card here. For this week I am going to highlight 4 designs that came from her shop last week.
Gasp! Gag! Do what you need to do, because you know you love these floral designs just as much as I do!
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You have a beautiful collection going on here. I just followed!
@TheGreenThumb thank you for your kind words and for following. what are some of your favorite flowers?
I love the pink number at the end. It's really sweet.
I like the hombre effect
If you like these types of flowers, many of them grow wild up here. You can literlaly just pick them