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When God let the "rain of talent" fall NO MIN WOO prepared a big container to catch it. hehehe First of all, HE IS SO PRETTY, he looks like a woman! I've searched his name on google images and my oh my, I kept gasping! I couldn't help it but be amazed on how he look so feminine. Secondly, He is so talented... Guitar, Drums, Piano, Vocals, acting, composing, a musical director.... and so on. I hope he will take good care of his career. This kid will last long in the industry! Kudos No Min woo!
like his hair styles always
yup... it was perfect that someone thinks he went through a surgery...
i know right every feature on his face is soooooooooooo perfect im just saying that if lee minho dosent be in a new drama fast i think i will just watch all the dramas hes in even if they r borin coz hiz face is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeee i cant even discribe it man.....so anoying > < o -