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It seems that Star Wars / something else crossovers are all the rage on the con scene these days...I wonder way? I'm pretty sure after a few pics and pieces of fan art got big, everyone just joined in, too!
Here's another one: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White....Jedi Princess versions! Pretty awesome cosplays from Super Sirens!
I can't wait to see more and more of these crossovers. What kind of crossovers do you wanna see?
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@timeturnerjones LOL I feel like that might be overkill, but an few MVs or episodes of that would be pretty fun!
These are cool--and not skimpy. Which is great because I think overall the Star Wars series doesn't really focus on skimpy outfits unless it's for girls, so it'd be cool to avoid that.
@amog32 If girls wanna do a skimpy version though more power to them!!
@timeturnerjones ....what? Did my comment upset you or something, haha. What I meant was just that I don't want them to HAVE to go with these very exposed cosplays because the character is designed that way. If they want to be, then they should do that.
@amog32 Sorry no I didn't mean it like that XD I meant the same thing as you like if they wanna so the iconic slave leia look they can and if they wanna cover up more they can XD