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Q: How can I store large cosplays?
A friend of mine is lending me some of her larger armor pieces while she studies abroad (yay!) so I really want to store them carefully to make sure nothing happens to them. Do you use mannequins for large component costumes? Stands? Clothes hangers?
What should I do?! Please let me know.
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@Spudsy2061 Tupperware! That's a good idea. I'll have to find somewhere to stack them (my place is small) but it should be ok. Thank~
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Hasn't someone made cosplay specific storage thinks yet? Because that would be genius.
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@amog32 And that would make a lot of $$$. Except most cosplayers are crafty enough to know they don't need "cosplay specific" things, like, ever.
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@somnia That's true, one of the best parts of cosplaying or being a cosplayer is knowing how to overcome obstacles like this
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