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[In these poll's U can vote for a hot oppa of the week each week i will make a new poll with ur selections go to this page: :and give suggestions for next weeks 4 oppa's i will pick the 1s with most suggestions of that actor] This weeks selections= no min woo/ Tae Ik from full house take 2 park ki woong/Kang-hwi from full house take 2 lee minho/choi young from faith=10 song joong ki/Kang Ma-ru from nice guy=5 i chose these but u choose next weeks... POLL ENDED AND GUESS WHO WON LEE MINHO OFFFF COURCE. NO SUPRICE THERE :] :]
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lee min ho <3!!!
min ho ssi and min woo ssi..
Song joong ki
min ho and ki woong
min ho and park ki woong