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by Linda Hale Wynn
Up here . . . I have no control
My thoughts run wild
Strong these feelings are
Up here . . . on Cloud Nine
Control I always had
Plans and schedules
Duties and appointments
All in line
My heart beat steady
In rhythm to my own pace
Always on time
Prompt and in place
Thru the years
I made my way
Content and proud
Pulling my weight
I was settled
Caring and busy
Doing my thing
Not knowing my fate
No hurry was I
This fine life free
Family and friends
Were ok with me
Then . . . you were there
Someone to care
We met among friends
I couldn't breathe
You felt it too
What's this feeling
Me ??? Could it just be
My thoughts got blurred
I can't think straight
I can't concentrate
I am all atwitter
I am smitten
So we must talk
Sort this out
These feelings we share
About You and me
Proud of what you've become
Your expertise your job
You've set your ways
Unwilling to change
So high . . . Cloud Nine
These wreckless days
With no control
Of thoughts and ways
We couldn't go on
This pace to keep
Fate brought us down
Cloud Five . . . not so steep
Happy we are
Fate had its way
Friends that last
Cloud Five . . . we'll stay
@timeturnerjones Thank you for your comment.
@timeturnerjones Yes, this is a very concerned couple about the working part of their relationship so both could benefit and excell.
@greggr Thank you.
Great to see you again @lindawynn98871! Thanks for sharing!
@lindawynn98871 No problem :)
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