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Okay, that was seriously depressing lol But the song is sooo good <3! *What do you guys think?
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I wonder what the Korean reaction is to this MV since it is the anniversary of the Sewol Ferry disaster... I wonder if people like it because it is a beautiful reminder of the loss or if they see it as a way of getting a lot of people to watch their MV?
@kpopandkimchi You know what? I had totally forgotten about that. Now I'm curious to know. I don't see how anyone could be offended though. I think it'd be seen as a remembrance
@aabxo yeah i think they did a great job but I havent heard anything from the korean side so im curious~~ really powerful debut thats for sure!!!
@kpopandkimchi good thought, I see it as more of a tribute than a marketing attempt, but I could be wrong
I think it was tastefully done. I liked it.