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sometimes i feel like the blind are the only ones who really see and yes i know that statement is contradictory but it's kind of like being smart and dumb you see you can be smart but make dumb decisions so it's possible to be one thing and the complete opposite at the same time but ball to the blind people how can one be blind of vision but totally familiar with behavior of the world? I'll tell you who. The ones who have encountered the worst part of it just because some one can't see doesn't mean they can't hear .how can someone who is more fortunate stand and make fun of someone who can't help how his life is and who can't fight back bit they deal with it because they see the see the good as well as the bad they see the smells of the flowers growing they see the warms of an apple pie on a cold day they see the explanation from a father to a son on how to catch a baseball so yes if you all me i do think the blind can see
Anyone who stands in front of some body else and makes fun of them for ANYTHING is a lowlife in my books.
Its sad but true that some people just dont care about the situation of others.....don't consider it before saying harsh words.