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Recently there has been suspicion that disc brakes would be making a debut in the peloton this year, and the UCI has just announced that this will indeed go ahead and the first usage will occur in just about three months.
The UCI and the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) have been studying if disc brake systems are viable and safe and, if they are viable and safe, when they should be introduced. A clear path of action is starting to emerge.
“During the 2015 UCI professional road season, all teams will have the opportunity to use bikes with disc brakes at two events of their choice during August and September,” the governing body stated.
“The testing will continue in 2016 at all events on the UCI professional road calendar and, if the experience is satisfactory, disc brakes will be officially introduced to the UCI WorldTour in 2017. The aim is to eventually introduce disc brakes to all levels of road cycling."
WFSGI said that the feedback from the industry has been very positive so far.
“This decision will further develop innovation and create new possibilities for the bicycle industry as well as additional performance for the riders. There is still some fine-tuning to do on detailed requirements for the procedure, but it is very exciting to finally have reached this decision."
Other concerns, such as how riders on standard and disc brakes would co-exist during the trial period was one, while others asking about neutral service support. The UCI stated that the raining open topics and protocol will be tackled soon.
So, big news for professional racing! What do you all think?
@DOSCYCLE I've been thinking the same. It's about time they test it out at least
Can't wait to see the outcome. I have been considering moving towards discs myself. Overall I think could be a game changer.