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It seems like everyone is jumping on the driverless car bandwagon these days, and NASA is no exception. Companies like Mercedes, Audi, and Google have all been working on driverless car technology, but did you know NASA is in the mix?
The Modular Robotic Vehicle has been in development at the Johnson Space Center in Houston for a while now, but NASA just released a video of it!
“This work allowed us to develop some technologies we felt were needed for our future rovers,” Justin Ridley said about the MRV in a document about NASA’s Game Changing Development Program last year.
“These include redundant by-wire systems, liquid cooling, motor technology, advanced vehicle control algorithms. We were able to learn a lot about these and other technologies by building this vehicle.”
Unlike some of the more commercial self-driving cars you may have seen, NASA’s MRV has “extreme maneuverability” thanks to each of its wheels being independent. This means the car is able to drive sideways — no more parallel parking for this vehicle.
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The driving sideways was pretty mind bending!