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A news crew filmed more than they expected when an interview on the street was interrupted by an exploding manhole in the background, an underground explosion sent the manhole cover soaring up into the air causing panic as the heavy object fell from sky.
A reporter for NBC was interviewing a witness about an electrical fire under a road in Buffalo, New York state today when the explosion took everyone by surprise. Footage of the news interview shows the manhole flying high into the sky directly behind the witness and in full view of the camera.
“Heads up, head up, head up,” someone yells, warning everyone to duck to cover.
The manhole, which could be as heavy as 50kg, comes down to the pavement with a loud crash close to a man who appears to be an emergency worker. The explosion was the second in a series of three that rocked the busy street and came after several nearby buildings had been evacuated. Power was cut off to the area and the fire brought under control. The cause of the fire is yet to be determined but it’s believed the explosions were probably caused by a buildup of heat, gas and smoke in the confined space underneath the road.
That is something out of looney tunes!