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Sometimes the littlest muscle can make all the difference in your strength training and body-toning. These 5 easily ignored muscles groups are there to help you stay strong, toned, and pain-free, and they're so easy to work out!
Grab a pair of dumbbells and let's give these guys some love!

Pectoralis Major

(your chest)
+ Correct your posture
+ Improve your stamina
+ Improve your overall strength
What to do:
Dumbbell Press!

Transverse Abdominis

The deepest of your abdominal muscles and wraps around your spine
+ Strengthen your spine
+ Improve your lower body strength
+ Strengthen abdominals
+ Improve posture
What to do:

Erector Spinae

Lower back muscle
+ Improves posture
+ Help with lower back pain
+ Improve lower body strength
What to do:
The Bird Dog!

Middle and Lower Trapezius

Muscles around your shoulder and base of neck
+ Improve posture
+ Relieve neck pain
+ Strengthen shoulders and upper back
What to do:
T Lifts!

Triceps Brachii (Long Head)

Stretches from armpit to shoulder
+ Improves arm strength
+ Relieves shoulder and neck pain
+ Tones upper back
What to do:
Straight-arm Triceps Kickback!
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The back muscles of the arm@kristenadams
All awesome moves! Thanks for sharing :)
@christy the most annoying muscles to get rid of!! :)
Yeah completely right@flymetothemoon
Excellent! Perfect timing too! While I've been doing my routine I noticed my arms are giggly! Even though I do a lot of arm weighrs and lifting. It may be part of aging but Yikes! I don't want giggly arms! Thanks for this info!