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About to greet their fans in the audience after performing “Sherlock” and “Everybody,” SHINee calmly stood on stage when a staff member comes up from the side to hand them water bottles. …But Taemin did not expect her.
Taemin is not a fan of moths…and one is incessantly bothering him during the performances.
Jonghyun notices and can’t do anything but laugh :)
Moth vs Taemin: Moth – 2, Taemin – 0
Haha, first one of the staff members scare him, then a moth attacked him Taemin couldn't catch a break lol. SOURCE:
Poor Taemin!! He really couldn't catch a break! But is it bad that I find this really adorable...? xD
That was really cute. I felt bad for him though.
that's so funny... poor him
Why is he scared of them!? I hope its just like a jerk reaction and not actual fear haahaha
lmaoooo I have a phobia of moths too....I feel his pain (/ロ゜)
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