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Men's Health, arguably the most important magazine for men's fitness, is holding the Ultimate Guy Search which lets readers vote for the next man to be featured on their cover.
Aydian Dowling, an Oregon artist, entrepreneur and fitness pro is currently sitting in the number one slot - and has high chances of becoming Men's Health's first ever trans cover model.
The magazine says the Ultimate Guy is “fit and fearless, a doer who gives back and leads by example.”
It seems like voters think that he fits this perfectly, since he is beating the rest of the pack with almost 3 votes to 1.
How Does He Stay Healthy and Fit?
"The way I enjoy to stay fit and healthy is keeping with a body-building style routine, as well as some light cardio on my normal every day. On days "off" I love to go with my wife, Jenilee, out on hikes around the Pacific North West. Although I also love my day to day routines, smashing through thresholds and sculpting the body, there is nothing quite like the beauty being outside can do to a person. I always have this sense of discovery and drive through my hikes that is unlike anything in the gym or the track."
How Does He Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle? How Has That Lifestyle Helped Him Overcome Challenges In Life?
"I maintain a healthy lifestyle by making sure my life is in a balance. Just like you eat foods in a balance I do my absolute best to keep my mental mind in connection to my body so they can grow healthy together. The battle that can come with the mirror can be completely dark and engulfing. As a Transgender Male, having a healthy body and mind is my ultimate goal to find peace within my soul. Although I may always have some kind of battle with my body, I continue to work everyday for a happy peace within."
How Does He Give Back To His Community/Friends/Family?
"Giving back is a large part of my life. I started the first YouTube Collaboration BeefHeads Fitness, a channel geared towards Transgender Individuals looking to get fit and healthy. Also, I run multiple groups, Instagram accounts, and other social media platforms encouraging mental and physical health reaching over 45K combined. On a more local platform I did start training other Transgender Males here in my new town of Eugene, OR. They have greatly progressed and I feel very proud to see their self confidence grow. I do nothing but support them and show technique, but drive is contagious!"
How Does He Measure Success? Has He Achieved It?
"Measuring success on paper is very difficult. As you change so will your view of the word "accomplishment". I like to measure success in a feeling, it is much more attainable. I feel success when I hit a new PR, when my wife smiles from the heart, when someone tells me I helped in their life someway, or when someone close to me has done something amazing. That is when I feel success. That is when my "achievement" is rewarded. Success is a feeling I hope to have over and over again."
Good for him! I'm interested to see how this changes the men's fitness world.
Not the kinda competition I usually vote for, but he's got my vote. Seems like a chill guy.
I like his answer about success :) Seems like a good guy too!
Those EYES!
Wow he is blowing the competition out of the water! He's got over 3k votes and second place has a measly 1700...
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