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Yes, looking great in a bikini is as good a reason as any to work your core, but did you know that the benefits extend soooooo much further than simply looking good in summer vacation photos?
You'll Be a Better Runner
A powerful center makes you better at any sport or movement, especially running! You'll have more control over your body in general so your movements will be more precise and powerful.
You'll Reduce Your Risk of Injury
Abs are the foundation and platform from which the rest of your body moves and functions so a strong core means a stronger body overall.
You'll Boost Your Balance
There is a reason it's called your core: it is your center of gravity!
You'll Improve Your Breathing
Toward the top of your core is the diaphragm, which plays an essential role in deep breathing!
You'll Improve Digestion
Gaining flexibility along with your stability in the abs, back, and spine will refresh and rejuvenate the systems that help optimize metabolism, cleansing, nutrition, hormonal balance, and keep you looking and feeling your absolute best!
You'll Improve Your Heart Health
Visceral fat settles in between the abdominal wall and your organs like the liver and intestines. It's dangerous fat, an excess of which can lead to tons of problems—from heart issues to dementia to breast cancer.
You'll Have Better Posture
Since your core muscles run all the way to your spine, a strong core keeps your back stabilized, improving your posture as a result!
Better posture please!!
I definitely need a balance boost ;)
Better posture is my biggest worry right now, I sit at a desk all day and I can feel my back getting worse and worse.
I heard that tummy fat is also thought to be connected with alzheimer's!
Hmm I never thought about the digestion one...
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