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The White House stated today that it is to remove Cuba from the "terrorist" list of nations. Cuba was originally on the list alongside other nations such as Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan.

Ongoing Opposition

Not all are in favour of the move to thaw the cold relations the two nations have held for 50+ years. Republican presidential candidate, Cuban-American, and Senator Marco Rubio condemned the move, stating Cuba still harbours "fugitives of American justice" and that the country is helping North Korea in evading weapon sanctions currently imposed by the United Nations.

Winds of Change

Cuba, originally put on the Terrorism List in 1982, is said to not have supported any international terrorist group in the last 6 months, and that the US government has received assurances from the Cuban government that none will take place in the future. It is also believed that Cuba no longer supports revolutionary groups such as the ETA or Farc, leading to the decision to remove Cuba from the list, something that was a major concern for the Cuban government prior to the talks occurring.
@Spudsy2061 Yeah, it seems doubtful. Mostly because of the more strict control and sanctions, as well as monitoring that is surely in place by now.
That graph you included is so telling. So many people have no opinion on this because they don't understand the issues at stake at all. Personally, I don't either, so I don't fully understand if I'm for or against this either.
@drwhat I read that too. I don't know how much is true but I doubt Cuba is playing a big role like they did in the 60s.
@Spudsy2061 Exactly. When there isn't an actual real threat, the embargo is kind of useless. I did read some stuff about it being possible (likely?) that they're still providing goods to North Korea, which makes them kind of a conspirator but I'm not so sure about that info either.
@drwhat Sorry I'm late getting back to this. Yeah it's been what? 2 or 3 generations since the Cuban Missile crisis? Maybe 4 since the uprising in Cuba itself? I bet if you asked people on the streets why the US embargoed Cuba in the first place, a lot of them couldn't answer. Time is right for change then.