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After all those sweaty workouts it's important to care for your gym garments so that they can go the distance. You paid for it, so make it last.
1. Always read the instruction on each individual gym wear. All fabrics are different, so you need to care for your garments in different ways to ensure that your activewear can remain in crisp condition.
2. Wash your bright color pieces in cold water with a tablespoon of salt before you wear them (this will lock the color in). Always wash brights separately and keep in mind that the vibrancy of color will fade naturally over time. It helps to line dry them in the shade immediately after wash and don't leave them sitting wet with other clothes.
3. Take out the removable padding in your sports bras and unfasten any buttons before washing so you don't find any strays after your wash.
4. For clothes that must be hand washed only, wash them separately in cold water in cold water with mild detergent and then rinse in cold water.
5. Spin dry your garments to remove excess water and then hang your pieces inside out in the shade to dry.
6. Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing your gym clothes and never wash with towels. There's nothing worse than having little balls of fluff flying off you when you workout.
7. Avoid rough surfaces when you're wearing your activewear to avoid pilling (those nasty little balls that appear on clothing). Also remember to handle clothes with shiny and reflective prints or delicate trims with extra care.
This is so helpful! My daughters have a lot of gym clothes and I started to notice little fuzz on some of the yoga pants. I'll warn them not to sit on rough surfaces.
Honestly, I don't own any gym clothes (sports bra is an exception), but these are great tips for regular laundry.