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Edwardian-inspired, this platinum Kwiat eternity ring is a flash of almost 2 carats of diamonds. If you're opposed to the pomp of larger stone rings, then you can't ignore the simplicity and elegance of a ring such as this.
Longs Jewelers has discounted this ring below its asking price by $2,400. You can visit their website here. Whatever you do, get a ring that you love and that you can wear with absolute joy.
On the topic of eternity, what book and page number is the secret recipe for keeping a ring like this on your finger and into the depths of hyper-dimensional timeless 'forever?'
With me the bigger the ring, the better I like it ! :)
This is a perfect wedding ring.
My kind of ring. Ornate in all the right places.
beautiful. What woman wouldn't want to wear this? beautiful
This is pretty. No big gems on this one. haha