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Hey everyone! Happyrock here :)
I have a collection you've probably seen about Trail Smarts AKA tips to keep you safe while hiking! I really want to do a mini "desert" edition about hiking on desert trails, mostly because I'm headed out to do some desert hiking in a few months, but I don't know much about what these tips can be.
Can anybody give me some points on what would be essential to research and include?! Thanks!
I don't know much either but I'm looking forward to your advice. Thanks for the hard work in helping us all learn a bit more
Sorry, dont' know anything about it
@TrevorGoldley Cool. That makes sense--I was also thinking about info about clothing, since some ppl would probably overdress
Great idea! There are so many people who come out into the desert unprepared. This might sound dumb but make sure to include info on water and sunblock!!