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Trail Smarts Research: Desert Edition!
Hey everyone! Happyrock here :)
I have a collection you've probably seen about Trail Smarts AKA tips to keep you safe while hiking! I really want to do a mini "desert" edition about hiking on desert trails, mostly because I'm headed out to do some desert hiking in a few months, but I don't know much about what these tips can be.
Can anybody give me some points on what would be essential to research and include?! Thanks!
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Great idea! There are so many people who come out into the desert unprepared. This might sound dumb but make sure to include info on water and sunblock!!
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@TrevorGoldley Cool. That makes sense--I was also thinking about info about clothing, since some ppl would probably overdress
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Sorry, dont' know anything about it
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I don't know much either but I'm looking forward to your advice. Thanks for the hard work in helping us all learn a bit more
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