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SHINee - Lucifer RingDingDong I mean because look at them! Super dancy and fun :)
Got7 - A I just think this is a fun song to sing and dance to, very easy to learn the lyrics.
Taeyang - Ringa Linga Just because it's a fun song :)
Girls Generation - I got a boy Mr Mr Because these songs are awesome! :)
Basically every BTS song ever, honestly I first got into Kpop by seeing a video of Bulletproof pt 2 on instagram, and the rest is history. :D Bulletproof pt 2 No More Dream Boy In Luv N.O Danger War Of Harmone
GIRL'S DAY - Something Expectation Female president Because Girl's Day is awesome!
2NE1 - I Am The Best How could you not show off these girls?? :)
Expected I'm a HUGE fan of EXO sooo I show all my friends EXO videos and talk about them a lot. Granted they get annoyed but IDC muhahahaha!!!!!! :) Overdose Growl Wolf Mama Call Me Baby
Okay I got a little carried away with this playlist but, this was actually a fun one to do. I would show wayyy more of course but this list would go on forever haha. So here ya go @MattK95 :)
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Aww darn I knew I was doing something wrong.... Darn technology... Thanks though :)
@IRecreateLife it took me a while to figure it out also XD and I meant Vingle autocorrect just hates me lol
I did it from my phone. You just save the gig on your gallery then upload it to vingle as you would a normal picture @IRecreateLife
gif** :)
@Allyphernelia ah so they've fixed that now have they? That's awesome ^^