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According to 64% of people polled, cat faces DO NOT determine feline personalities. So what does that say about the other 36%? In an article published in the Mirror, Arden Moore, a cat behaviorist, claims that the shape gives clues into its personality. Sound crazy?
Big eyes and a round face = submissive, gentle and easily frightened.
square faces = dependable and confident.
Angular, triangle faces = vocal, athletic and love to explore.
The information this cat behaviorist is shilling is nothing more than BUNK! Who would actually believe this nonsense?
Not true
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Did they just ask owners what their cat's personalities were?
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Hardly. @sjeanyoon The person who claims this can't possibly think it's true.
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i think its kinda true my cat has a triangle shaped head and those are his characteristics.it could be a coincidence but who knows am i right
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