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Okay, so by now I take it that most of you have listened to 'Exodus'...right? (; & I'm pretty sure 'Call Me Baby' is still on repeat for many us XD With that being said, I want to share my favorites from the album <3

My top 4

-Call Me Baby
-What If
-Lady Luck
Duh. #1 XD
#2 This song lured me in. I think I just like slow jams XD
#3 I love the vibe this song gives. <3
#4 Lady luck /.\
This song was released as a gift for fans and isn't part of the album but I just can't get enough of it <333!
Are you favorites listed? It was difficult not to add the whole album. I had to hold back XD
Which were your favorites?
Say say say gotta gotta go go gotta find the el dorado el dorado... LOVE IT! :)
I usually like their darker songs but for some reason Beautiful is really high on my list!!
Honestly I love the whole album, I skip My Answer tho because it's just not that good, I find it kindve boring... :/
I really like El Dorado too... even though in my opinion it's a really random song in the album.. but it's super catchy.
@StephanieDuong @kpopandkimchi I like Beautiful & El Dorado too! @Allyphernelia Haha same. Maybe My Answer will grow on me eventually XD