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Events that take place on the 7th floor venue space of 1111 Lincoln Road aren't just talked about. They're written about in magazines and heralded as epic and unforgettable. Is this what you're hoping happens with your wedding?
With soaring 34-foot ceilings, panoramic views of Miami, ocean views, there isn't anything you cannot do in this space. The architectural dream is a wonder in its own right. Now, imagine what your guests from Missouri or Montana might thing at a place like this for your wedding! FABULOUS!!
The fact that it is modern is what makes it really fun in a way. If I went to a wedding like this, I would expect the reception to be awesome dancing and entertainment. I'm not sure I have that in the budget, but I'd be open to something modern like this.
This is modern. Almost too modern for my taste. But it would be great for events besides a wedding. Really creative
Props to the designers for each of these events. I love the bold designs. Love to see more stuff like this.
these shots are all great parties that I wish I was invited too