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The Villa, formerly known as Miami Beach's Versace Mansion, is open to the public as a wedding venue. The luxury hotel keeps events limited to a number of calendar days and weekends. The price tag for a few hours will cost you upwards of $13,000. That's just to rent the space; it doesn't include all the other details that make for a complete wedding.
Still interested? My advice is to partner with an event planner and let them secure the site for you.
I remember the news of the day when it was announced that Versace was killed. Tragic. But I love the mansion interior and exterior. Great venue!
I never knew there was a Versace mansion to begin with. I'd like to go.
The stone work by the pool is so beautiful. I would LOVE to have my wedding reception there. How amazing would that be!!
This is a great venue. We don't really have anything like this in Denver. Granted, we have lots of great places to get married, but nothing like The Villa.
This is a wonderful venue. But you know, @darcysdiary, I am not too familiar with the venues in Denver. I should get out there and investigate.