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1. Erica aka PassTheSuga aka JussWannaLayInMyBed 2. Bahhh.... T.O.P from BIGBANG but Lay is like right up there with him...and as an honorable mention, Taeyang comes right after them.
3. HELL NAHH  ̄︿ ̄.....although....i may use a tissue to pick it up and throw it in the garbage. Stepping in gum is sooooo not cool....but picking up chewed gum with a tissue is probably worse but still my OCD would not allow me to just leave it there without properly disposing it. 4. T.O.P's my first bias. I adore him because of that voice....it's what initially hooked me. Of course he's gorgeous (ugggh those eyes and his dimples *swoon*) but he's also a lil quirky in his own way. He's silly and goofy and a lil insecure and awkward. I love that. Lay was not my first bias....but I love him about as much as T.O.P. I absolutely adore him because he's got such a big heart and he's just such a sweetheart. He's really in touch with his emotions and I admire that. He honestly seems so genuine and his personality is just adorable. And that dimple tho! 5. T.O.P.... definitely his eyes and eyebrows, nose, lips and his dimples...his cheekbones and jawline...his height.....he's just the total package. but just one? His eyes. *melts* Lay.....his dimple...his lips and his smile but overall i find his entire face is just attractive. Baahh hard to choose just one. Uuughhh....his lips *smothers my face in my pillow*
6. For T.O.P definitely his charming goofiness. Bingu T.O.P is definitely mah fave. And for Lay....his genuine sweetness<3
7. I don't ship lol....I just don't go there.
8. I'd take both of them to the movies....why you ask? Because it'll be dark so they won't hafta see me dying <(ˍ ˍ*)> ....and also my darling Yixing will be able to sleep lol. 9. for T.O.P I'd say Love Song....his voice is so rich and deep but still has a gentle vulnerable quality to it that really shines through in this track. For Lay...ugggh he doesn't get many lines.....I really like Call Me Baby and Transformer but that might just be bc they're new and he actually has lines ....but Promise defines Lay's devotion to people he loves...ie: his group and fans. 10. Oh sweet Jesus ....well for T.O.P I'd sing....gosh I dunno if I could sing a song to T.O.P....I'd die and sing Pachelbel's Cannon from heaven with all the other angels lmfao....
lol but for Lay I'd sing You're My by Taeyang<3 just because it's for my bae and he's so darn sweet.
11. My dearest Seung Hyun.... when are you gonna come home to mama??? lmfaoooooo
Idk what I'd say honestly....T.O.P makes me nervous....he's absolutely gorgeous and Id prolly end up babbling like an idiot. But I'd wanna tell him He's beautiful.
And my darling Yixing.... I'd just wanna tell him I admire his determination, loyalty, and sincerity and he inspires me to be okay with being me even if I'm a bit odd. And of course that I love him to the moon and back<3
12. I love you, T.O.P...please don't eat worms. I love you, Lay....please don't ever ever ever eat worms ()_() This took foreverrrrrr bc I can never seem to say enough....I'm pretty long winded lol. But it was fun and silly nonetheless. I was tagged by my youngest sister via twitter. I thought it would be fun to bring to our Vingle kpop community. Im curious about ppls biases soooo Let's see.....imma tag my girl @jiggzy19 my mayynne fanman @mattk95 @aabxo @ambie @nielswife @honeysoo @stephanieduong @kpopandkimchi @kimikodragon @callmekaren.....wherever she may be lurking....lol. @danidee too.....even tho she may be too cool for this lol. and anyone else that may wanna do this....please do ( ̄︶ ̄)
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@PassTheSuga I wouldn't say you're a dork, just very funny XD
Dork alert. XD
@aabxo Yup sound the alarm \(゜ロ\)(/ロ゜)/ lol
I Would ship se7en with TOP :)
@Ambie uuuugh that's a good one.....lol omg.....yupp...that's a good one. Of course I don't ship....but if I did.....that'd be a great one.