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Gendered wage inequality is no secret. In most places, women have been proven to make less than men. What the exact cause of this can vary from place to place, culture to culture. But overall, there is one thing that is clear: it's a problem.
As a means of spreading the word about the specifics of wage inequality in areas, a pop-up store called Less Than 100 has started. The store will sell goods made by female (and identified females) to male patrons for 100% of retail value. Women, and those who identify as women, will pay a discounted price that is equal to the % of wage that women receive compared to men.
The idea is that you should pay what you earn.
The first popup store has opened in Pittsburgh, PA, and is titled 76<100. Why? Because women in PA make 76% of what men make. It'll be open for one month. The next popup store will be in New Orleans in the fall, so look forward to it!

Here's some of the things you can expect to find in one of these popup stores!

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@drwhat I would honestly feel sexually discriminated against if asked to pay more for the mere fact that I am a male. You make a VERY valid point that the gender gap should be illegal. I'm all for equal pay and quite frankly I can't understand why we haven't eradicated yet. @nehapatel Ok, fair, but I'm not made of green and it's still against the frabic of what society's fought hard to destroy. Is it good in terms of awareness? Maybe yes, but it's not good in terms of an example.
@drwhat @Spudsy2061 I do agree with the idea though: pay what you earn. How is it fair to expect a woman who is a single mother and makes (for example) 20% less than a single father doing the same job as her can pay the same amount for goods? Doesn't she have the right to give the same quality of life to her children? I'm not saying this means that this is the solution, simply that it is a good means of awareness towards really understanding the problem.
I'm iffy on this. While I can see your point @Spudsy2061, I don't think anyone there is advocating for a long term solution like this--no one thinks that's the solution to wage inequality. Rather it's a temporary thing to draw attention. Still, I also think it's kind of lame for guys who want to go support who don't personally have control over the wage gap to have to pay full price. But I guess we wouldnt' be getting charged more, just started price, where as women get a discount.
@Spudsy2061 Illegal or not, shouldn't it be illegal for the gender gap to persist? We can't deny that it exists in many sectors and in many communities. Sure, there are laws against it to but its not as simple as its illegal or it's legal. When there's a problem that people believe isn't being fixed by law they have a tendency to stop caring about other, related laws. Like I said I don't think this is an ideal thing but it's also only temporary and really being done to make a point, not to charge like this forever. Personally wouldn't mind paying it just to show my support for some kind of change.
@drwhat I understand your points with this not being a long-term solution. Agreed there. However, standard price vs discounted price does not make much of a difference. Charging different prices based on gender is a violation of BBB practices and policies and US anti-trust laws. Quite simple, it's illegal.
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