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1. Angie @aabxo <3
2. My Bias is TOP! ((; obviousllyyyy (please refer to profile pic XD)
3. TOP, I love you to the moon and back but gross. Lol I'm not that type of fan (I'm sure you have a fan who would do it in a heartbeat though).
4. Actually, TOP was my first bias. Then I got into other groups annddd my bias list grew and grew bahaha. But he still remains at the top (HA!) I first became so attracted to his appearance (how can you not?) then his voice. JESUS. His voice. His rap parts in songs. His impersonations. His smile. I loveeeee his awkwardness. That's his charm. And his style! You just can't deny it <3
5. What? How is that even a question? Um! Ummm! ....I have to go with the eyes. That gaze <3 But he's well-rounded with everything. Who says there's no such thing as perfection? XD
I mean, he managed to entice us with clothes on! (。♥‿♥。)
6. I love his sense of humor and how real he is. He doesn't hold back. Even if he's feeling shy he will surprise you with something random and make you laugh.
7. I am with you @PassTheSuga. Not my thing XD
8. I have never concentrated so hard! XD Hmmm...Maybe go dancing! I get to see him be awkward and have physical contact (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ hahahaha.
9. I'd have to go with Baby Good Night <3 Simply because of the lyrics XD
10. Son By Four- Cuando Seas Mia (love song) LOL I attached it (lyric video) It's my favorite song from an old soap opera. Don't judge me /.\ I think this card is getting out of control bahaha
11. I am the most shy person you will ever meet, guys. Now that I've said that...I'd probably tell him I love him AHAHAHA. And then I'd probably pass out xD
12. This is really weird. TOP te amo pero por favor no comas gusanos!
I tried to tag as many as possible. ((;
*Why was I smiling like an idiot while I was typing this though? Lol
Ah T.O.P is perfect!!! <3 <3
Haha so awesome, I'll have mine up soon :)
Teeheeeheeeheeeheee xD @aabxo idiot right here...smiling just reading this card! Uuuugh he's just so perfect....and I'm super thankful you don't ship either lmao.
top yessss ;) love the whole card hahas love top 2 he became my bias after I saw him on iris omg his acting badass yet sooo charming character image suited him sooo well sorry to say I got to know him as an actor then a singer but he surely was one of those stars who introduced me to kpop and bigbang and I just love him I would love to meet him one day hahas if not just going to his concert will also do he is amazing and awesome.... :) <3
This is awesome. I got to know you a lot more from this! :) And T.O.P is flawless. xD
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