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Flying long distances is rarely comfortable. Unless you can afford to fly in first or business class, chances are your flight is spend cramped into a tiny space that is anything but comfortable.
More and more airlines are making the seats slimmer and the space smaller, even though the reaction by an overwhelming number of people is negative, pointing out that they don't like the seats.
Here's the thing: is it really ok for them to do this?
The answer is NO. Why? Because its not safe. Safety tests to make sure that all passengers can evacuate a commercial jet within 90 seconds are done with 31 inches of room in front of the seat. Now, many jets are being outfitted so that they only have 28 inches due to smaller seats and space given.
And that's just wrong.
I'm happy to see that one airline, Southwest, will be changing to a design that actually gives more legroom instead of less in 2016--see it pictures above.

What will it take for all airlines to finally consider the passengers comfort?

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@Spudsy2061 They're supposed to, however it seems that some planes are modified and not given the same inspection that new planes are. Thus how airlines get around it.
@drwhat @onesmile Makes me really worry about more passengers possibly suffering from DVT on longer flights. I feel like the airlines didn't even think about health and safety in that sense.
I can't believe they're going to try to make stuff smaller on most airlines!!!! Not cool!!!
Glad I'm not the only one that's disgusted that greedy airlines are trying harder to cut the size of our seats rather than cutting things like, I don't know, the amount of paid cargo they allow?
Southwest is usually a good airline, including price so I'm glad to see their taking the initiative again on something. I personally like JetBlue the best but they are very pricey.