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Eyebrow shaping is one of the personal grooming we (ladies) on a regular basis. Depending on the thickness and growth rate some of us have to groom the brows bi-weekly or monthly. There are many methods to groom your brows and most of us are familiar with two: waxing and tweezing. Waxing is a popular service at salons where the esthetician use wax and fabric strip to pull out unwanted hair. Tweezing is usually done at home for quick touch ups.
On the other hand, some of us can't stand pain and choose to use an eyebrow razor to shave and shape the brows. This method is painless but the result is not as great as waxing and tweezing.

Eyebrow Threading

This grooming technique rising in popularity. It's actually a traditional grooming method for centuries but people are starting to turn to it now because of the precise and clean result. In addition, waxing can cause premature aging, so people are seeking for a more gentle method to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. One thing to note: The pain is stronger than tweezing because you're taking out multiple hair at once (think of it as an elastic band running through your skin). However, the redness and pain will go away in 30 minutes.
Above is a before and after shot of eyebrow threading from blogger Essie Button. As you can see threading leaves a more polish and define brow. It can remove the tiniest hair and fuzz under your brows.

How to thread your own brows at home?

I suggest finding a professional esthetician to thread your brows for the first time. This will give you shape to work and eventually familiarize yourself with the process. Once you're comfortable with threading on your own, refer to the video above for instructions.
Hopefully, this was helpful for those who are considering eyebrow threading.
For everyone else, have you tried eyebrow threading? Share your experience with us!
I was a little skeptical with eyebrow threading but it looks promising. @JackieBedolla your brows look really define.
This answered my question about threading very clearly! Thank you for sharing your skill.
It actually wasn't as bad as I thought (: hope you like it! @stargaze and you're welcome (:
@JackieBedolla Aww thanks for getting back to me so quick. I'm probably getting my brows done this weekend, so hopefully it'll turn out good. I hope it doesn't hurt too much.
Yeah I didn't want to do it at first but it's worth it. Thanks by the way! @stargaze I didn't get them well done cause I can't stand pain lol maybe next time though.
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