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I just reorganize my dressing table and guess what I realized? 60% of my makeup collection is made up of lip products. This shows how obsessed I am with lips. Whether I am at Target, Ulta or Sephora I always make a stop by the lips section to test out new products. I love lip sticks and gloss but a good lip balm is a must in my beauty routine. Out of all the lip balms I've tried only five made it to my collection.
There's something about smoothing your lips with a playful sphere. It's fun and it does a wonderful job keeping my lips moisturized.
Fresh, creamy and the smell of coconut is reminds me of a tropical island. The product also uses vegan, organic and raw ingredient.
Since this is filled with antioxidant I love putting this one before I sleep to get the most of it. When I wake up my lips are super soft!
The color, texture, and result is amazing. It keeps my lips smooth, healthy and moisturized for hours. I currently carry this in my bag.
Another all-natural lip balm I adore. Free of petroleum jelly, preservatives and fragrances. if you love papaya you have to try this.
Have you tried the lip balms I mentioned? What is your favorite lip balm?
Paw Paw lip balm is my favourite :)
Coconut lip balm is my favorite. I love the smell and everything about it.
Caudalie for me! I also use their beauty elixir.
My sister was the one who introduced me to this sugar lip tint and now I can't go back to my burt's bees.
EOS is my favorite. They're cheap and effective.
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