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This card was inspired by @betsy98's acrylic nail art. I forgot how much I love Japanese nail art. The design are usually feminine, cute and sparkly. If you're into the whole glitter stuff you'll love this.
Where to get it done?
1. If you visit a Japanese nail salon you can usually get them done for $30. Price may vary depending on location.
2. You can purchase the temporary disposable nails from eBay and glue them on yourself. There are many designs to choose from and it's really cheap! You can also find them under "3D nails."
For those who are interesting in doing your own 3D acrylic nail, the video above is a good start. Enjoy! :)
They look fun for a summer pool party.
I really like the third nail design. It's flowers & colors remind me of Spring!
It's really extravagant for my style but if I'm attending a special event the third nail design would be my choice.
I actually like the second nail design but I wouldn't wear it for work. It's too distracting.