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Lately I've been getting into homeopathy. I love the idea of using natural properties of the Earth to solve the body's dilemmas. While I can't claim that apple cider vinegar (ACV) will cure you of cancer or some other debilitating disease, there is sufficient proof that by including it in your hygienic routine, you can dramatically reduce ailments and increase your health.

Corns and Warts

You can spend about $20 on an over-the-counter chemical freeze to remove warts (like I had to do a few years ago), or you can take a cotton ball soaked in ACV and apply to your wart overnight with the help of a band-aid. This may take a few treatments, but it should flake away, never to return.

Poison Ivy / Poison Oak

This hasn't happened to me, but it's easy to find you've been exposed to poisonous plants. If this happens, simply fill a spray bottle with ice and 1:1 ratio of ACV and water. Spray the affected area with the cool mist. This will draw the poisons to the surface and bring much-needed relief.

Muscle Fatigue

For all the men out there eager to lift weights and for hours at the gym, ACV just might ease muscle cramping and reduce the morning-after burn, which is attributed to a build up of lactic acid in the muscles. The claim is that it works by taking a tablespoon of ACV with a glass of water before a workout.

Pet Fleas

Fleas running a mok in your home and ravaging your pet? Stop the madness with a little ACV. There are two methods. The first is to consult your veterinarian professional to determine how much to give your dog. Online sites point to 1 teaspoon of ACV with one meal for a dog weighing about 50 pounds. The second method is to fill a spray bottle with 1:1 ratio of ACV and water. Spray the dog's coat and comb.

Skin Toner

Forget the advertising hype and triple-digit skin care lines. By mixing 2-3 parts water with 1 part ACV, you can apply this to a cotton ball for your skin. Super sensitive skin would be wise to increase the water ratio to 4 or 5 parts per 1 part ACV.
It's also great to gargle with for certain viruses like mono!
The pet flea cure all is something i have never heard of before. This is great information to have.
I didn't know that @flymetothemoon. Thank you for sharing that :)