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I love to hate it: working out on machine's in the gym.
Here's what is really on my mind on that dreaded elliptical machine...

I arrive

Dragging my feet into the gym, grunting hello to the front desk assistants

All of the machines are taken except the one in between the two sweatiest guys I've ever seen

I set it to interval mode, knowing that I am going to hate myself when it hits the top level.

and then my SONG comes on...

When my Ipod shuffles to that one song that I live and breathe by, I am transported to a stage. I am Beyonce. In fact, Beyonce is my back up dancer.

then I've hit my groove, ready to work out for forever

Cool down time

The elliptical tells me good job, and I'm just like "I know, bow down."
OMG you won't believe the elliptical I ordered from Wal-Mart came in yesterday so I got on it & immediately thought wtf have I done LMAO. I only enjoy the gym because the one I go to is small & not very crowded.
@Teey I either love working out on machines or HATE working out on machines, its all dependent on my mood hahaha cool that you have your own now though!! I have an exercise bike that I sometimes ride while watching TV :)
@nokcha I feel like this is everyone at some point in the gym. It's a place where emotions run high!
The first gif describes me so well. Too well.
I am so with you about the song thing hahah I've seriously fallen off of a treadmill for dancing