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Look at these gorgeous coral hued bridesmaid dresses. I am really loving the coral look for Spring. I love the silhouettes of these dresses too. From left to right you've got a sarong-style floor-length, a halter top knee-length cocktail, a ruched hemmed cocktail, and a halter top empire waist floor-length. I found these online with no other details. I can't seem to figure out where these dresses are from. If you recognize them, then please let me know. If i discover along the way, where to get them, then I will update this card so you know too.
Which one is your favorite? Are you totally in love with this coral too?
Huge fan of the first dress all the way to the left. It's modern and unexpected. Very nice
Coral is such a big deal in South Florida.
I haven't seen any coral in Washington
super cute dresses!