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It's time to free your pores from those dirt and gunk under your skin. Forget about the regular pore strip and try charcoal to remove blackheads. Regular pore strip act as a glue that draws out impurities but it doesn't go deep enough to draw everything out. Instead, it remains on the surface and only snag what's on the epidermis layer. On the other hand, charcoal acts as a magnetic and pull the blackhead causing crud out leaving your pores breathable.
This mask gives you the flexibility clean specific problem areas and it works much better than the strips. Leave it on for 20 minutes and carefully peel it off.
Other charcoal products that are effective:
An effective scrub that is made for oily skin. The salicylic acid help treat acne and the charcoal help unclog pores.
I actually use this both for face and body. It helps exfoliate and renew the skin without over drying it (due to the avocado oil). Great if you have excess oil and mild acne.
A wash off mask that clean pores and improve skin tone.
Oh wow. The first two pictures are really gross. I can't believe all those stuff comes out from the nose.
I have the dark angeles but it doesn't really help remove blackheads. I have to try that peel off mask!
Gotta try this.
omgg ive never heard of these LOL i wanna try it so badly now does it actually work?
Are most of these available in stores or should I just buy online?
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