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Get your timer ready and challenge yourself to get this done in under 5 minutes! Ready? Set. Go!
1. Tie your hair into a low pony. Divide your hair into to sections and pull your hair through the gap.
2. Make a very loose 3-strand braid.
3. Take the end of the braid and roll the whole thing up. Shape the braid into a symmetrical bun.
4. The secure it with bobby pins.
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Perfect pixie hair color. love it
3 years ago·Reply
I love the color but my mom would most likely nag at me if I color my hair.
3 years ago·Reply
Consider it's a tuck in style, the udpo actually look elegant.
3 years ago·Reply
it only took 5 min. but my hair is too thick. it wouldn't stay in the bobbie pin.. :(
3 years ago·Reply
@chrystalyarber7 I also have thick hair. What I did is use a hair clip instead of a bobby pin. It has some designs on it so it didn't look weird at all.
3 years ago·Reply