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Hijacking a Boat Wake
The best thing about skimboarders is that they will come up with some very creative ways to find a wave that is rideable. Professional skim boarder Austin Keen does just that as he hijacks a boat wake for a quick ride.
Down in Florida the beach is flat many days out of the year, skimboarding is usually a viable option when there is shorebreak, but even that is not a guarantee. Austin Keen decides to hydroplane out to some boat wake and ride it for a bit!
That was awesome!
3 years ago·Reply
Nice hydroplane bro
3 years ago·Reply
@chowder Definitely a far hydroplane...skimboarders run so fast so quickly lol
3 years ago·Reply
@mikerosa92 Right? It's like engrained in their dna to be super fast in a very short amount of time
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