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1. Aditi or @adikiller 2. Onew! There's just something about the chicken lover that pulls at my heartstrings.
3. No matter how much I Love Onew, there is just no way I could ever pick the gum he spat out and eat it. i'd probably throw it away
4. I became a huge fan of SHINee after listening to 'Hello.' And it was then that I started liking Onew. He is indeed my first bias. I mean who can resist those puppy eyes and cute smile! On top of that he has an exceptionally good voice, its so unique and natural at the same time....
5. Definitely has to be his smile. 6. Onew's goofiness! he is one of the funniest and craziest leaders I've ever seen. 7. uhhhh............. 8. I would take Onew to the beach at night. Its one of my favorite places to be at since there's nobody there except for the sea and the sky.
9. 'Hello' is one of the cutest songs i've ever heard. And Onew is just so adorable in it. Since Hello is a cute and fluffy song I'd say its a lot like Onew. 10. I dont know! I'd be so happy to be able to meet him that i'd probably wont be able to get any voice out of my mouth. But if I could i'd choose to sing FT Island's 'I Want'
11. Onew I hope you stay as funny and cute and sweet and amazing as always! 12. This is weird and nobody will get it but anyways 'Onew, मैं तुमसे बहूत प्यार करती हूँ और कृपया कीडे मत खाना।' Wow this took quite a while lol. Nonetheless it was extremely fun and enjoyable. @StephanieDuong @MattK95 @jiggzy19 @kpopandkimchi @Uniangel18 @ambie @danidee @honeysoo @nielswife
I love idols that love to eat<3 lol Onew's alright in my book ^(oo)^
I love Onew! :D
Lmao the bunny gif! No difference at all XD I'm feeling relieved that no one has said yes to the gum yet. Lol
This was great :) thanks for the tag @adikiller ^^
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