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Single chainring setups are commonplace on mountain bikes and cyclocross bikes. But, SRAM's new groupset is the first time that narrow-wide single ring setups have made it over to the road.
What are the benefits?
You'll save a bunch of weight (170grams on average), and, it looks like a good setup for a crit racer or time triallist.
Interesting idea for racers, not really practical for me! I'd rather have 10 more gear options than 400g saved weight
i would only problem would be to going uphill lol
@SamJimenez Well the thought is that the rear cassette offers a wider range of gears and the front crank is not quite as bit normal. The cassette they are using is a 10-42, which is really big. Usually you'll see 11-32 on a road bike
@SamJimenez but it is definitely not ideal for going uphill! Lol