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The crow pose is one of the most important yoga arm balances, and is perfect for confidence building, as well as developing arm and core strength.
While arm balances can seem a little impossible for the average yogi, this video will help you conquer the challenging pose.
As with any pose, don’t get too hung up on it: It will come to you when your body is ready. Watch the how-to below, and if you're ready, give it a go!
This is what I'm going to work on for summer. I want to be able to do this by August!
@kristenadams exactly what I was thinking!
This is one step away from that hand stand I've always wanted to be able to do!
@sophiamor It's so much easier than you think! It's not even really about strength, but rather balance
This would be such a great party trick to have up your sleeve haha!
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