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I am always about five steps ahead of myself when it comes to my life goals. I have big plans, and they're all over the place.
I want to learn French but also Chinese but not before I move to San Francisco and open a cafe. But then again I also want to lose some weight, get more flexible, learn to cook, read more books, learn to appreciate wine, and of course somehow get some fashion sense!
All of these goals and plans and dreams are great, but there's one problem:

I won't do any of these if I keep trying to do all of these.

Pick a passion, narrow it down to one (maybe two if they coincide) and throw yourself into it.
You want to learn French? Do that. Don't try to learn French and how to knit, while aiming for a promotion while struggling to just have enough time to do your laundry. You can't do it all, and you shouldn't try!
Narrow your focus, maximize your potential. This is your new mantra.
Once you think you've got your goal under control (perhaps I should try poetry!) then you can try to tack on another hobby. This even goes for projects at work, school, or home. You learn things as you go, and maybe one mistake learning French can make joining a roller derby team that much easier.

Now go live your dreams scatterbrain! One at a time.

This is exactly my problem, and this is great advice!
I need someone to remind me of "narrow your focus, maximize your potential" every day at work hahaha
I have lists of lists of lists of things that I want to do sometime in the near or far future. I get so overwhelmed over where to start that I end up never starting!