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Omgee love love everything about this song the theme , the style capturing the musing of 70's 80's 90's technology fashion music how much everything has changed superb must check it out @jiggzy19
hope you all will love this mv 2 enjoy take care have a great day all laters
Credit to the actual owner.
Epik High dressed like that killed me XD I loved the random cameos too! Need to add this song to my music library (:<
This is such a fun MV! I love it! And the song is's awesome how they can come back after so long and put out something that isn't overdone or just outta their element.
omg I love this♡♡ 2015 is definitely the year for Koop
Oh.. I like this song
I love the cameos from some of the running man members, and Bobby! It's cool how they use the elevator floors as different years :) absolutely love this :)
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