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If you're like me, you don't have the time, patience, or motivation to workout and eat right all the time. I give into my cravings, love fast food, and am not a huge fan of physical activity. So how can people like me lose a few pounds?
Easy peezy:
Drink a TON of water.
You've heard it before and you'll hear it again: drink water all day every day.
You'll be less hungry, less bloated, more energized, and you'll have clearer skin. Get yourself a super cute water bottle and make sure to down at least three a day. Fill it with yummy things like fruit if you think water is boring!
Pause every quarter of your meal.
Just sit back, take a breather, look up from that plate.
All you do is, during a meal, stop and pause for a few minutes after each quarter or so of your plate. Drink some water, talk to the people you're eating with, check your email, whatever. You'll find that you aren't actually hungry after the second pause, sometimes even after the first. Let your tummy catch up to your brain and take home some leftovers!
Track yo'self
FitBit, MapMyWalk, whatever! Get an app, use it, love it. It becomes a challenge or a game to work out and you'll find your self subconsciously doing more throughout the day just to get a better number at the end of it!
Use caffeine strategically.
Caffeine is your friend, if treated properly. Feel free to start your day with it (and make the drink last a long time if you can, you’ll often find you don’t even feel hungry until late into the lunch hour), but also have one in the early afternoon when you were craving a sweet, sugary snack. Caffeine will suppress your appetite and give you something to do with your hands/mouth.
Plan things so you’re forced to walk.
This is obviously easier if you’re in a big city where walking is the norm, but still, there are always ways to organize your errands and activities so that walking makes the most sense. Park far away from the store entrance, try using public transportation for a few errands!
Give yourself minimums instead of maximums.
Maybe it’s just me, but I am incapable of restricting things, food-wise, in any serious way. So it’s way easier and more sane for me to just put in minimums for my daily eating habits, and then allow myself to do what I like afterwards. I have to have a certain amount of fruit and veg, take my supplements, and drink my water. Then I can have whatever. And the great thing is that, by the time I finish the things I’m “supposed” to eat, I’m not really that hungry anymore.
All great tips, especially for someone like me who is way too lazy about her eating!
Coffee always helps me fend off the late morning munchies :)
I actually love all of these tips especially planning more walking into your day.
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