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1. Pull It Back

Instead of using a bobby pin and create a retro puff by the crown, style it with a ribbon. Curl the ends of your hair for a romantic look.

2. Statement Bobby Pins

Pull your bangs to the side with a couple of bold colored oversize bobby pins for an messy yet polish look.

3. Hide it with a Headwrap

Keep hair and sweat out of your face with a twisted headwrap. A perfect spring to summer hairstyle for casual occasions.
The girl from the first picture resembles Emma stone!
@iluvdurian31 Especially the smile!
I have a lot of baby hair on my forehead, so I don't know if the pull back hairstyle will suit me. It looks so cute though.
Bobby pins never looked good on me. I can't pull it off.
I have another one to add. Just braid your bangs!