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So when I first heard Clinton's news about the presidential election I was totally over the moon: I want a Hilary in the office, and I want it to be Hilary Duff!

Who's with me?

Think about all the great life lessons she taught us with Lizzie McGuire, how much she loves her son, how she never gave into the pressures of Hollywood, never had an eating disorder, and now she has blue hair.
Who else would we want running our country!?
Here's a few videos from various stages of her life to remind you why she's worth your vote:
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love love her <3
3 years ago·Reply
this makes me so happy hahahahahha
3 years ago·Reply
I heart her cinderella movie
3 years ago·Reply
She has my vote :)
3 years ago·Reply
I've loved her since Lizzie Mcguire :)
3 years ago·Reply