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Only complainers give up! It's true! When I look at my wardrobe and shrug in disbelief that there's nothing to wear, I can either moan and groan, which inevitably leads me to give up and wear sweat pants, or I can rework what I do have that is stylish and fits with the current trends.
Taken from Beau H's article, "Siblings With Style," here are five ways to wear a classic pair of chambray pants. You can read the full article here to find out about caring for chambray.

1. Business Casual

2. Calm and Collected

3. Weekend Warrior

4. Travel Smart

5. Clean-Cut

What prevents you from investing in a good pair of chambray pants? It's more universal than a pair of jeans or dockers.
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The weekend warrior is the winner for me. The rest just look too similar.